General Questions

11. Are you really manufacture ?
Yes, we are first-hand manufacturer. We manufacture our furniture by ourselves in our own factory
22. Where is your factory located ?
Our factory is located in Semarang, Central Java of Java Island, Indonesia. Please check on the map available on this website
33. Do you ships other country outside indonesia ?
Yes, we are also an exporter. We provide export documentation and handling service on optional charge. Please provide us your nearest port or the city you live in, we can then quote the shipping and other required costs for you separately from the furniture price.
44. What are your furniture product range ?
We manufacture Furniture which is made from teakwood for indoor and outdoor furniture which is basically all furniture that withstand to all weather condition outdoor. We use various materials e.g. Teakwood which combine with stainless steel, wrought iron, and batyline sling
55. Your selection thumbnails is so small, can l get a larger image ?
Please email us and we will immediately respond to your issues.
66. You don’t mention any price in your selection, How l supposed to know the price ?
Thank you for your interested on our furniture product, but as our marketing strategy do not allow us to mention any prices online, alternatively you can contact us for pricing concerns. You can scroll over to find ‘Contact us’ button on the bottom-right corner of every webpage. You can also simply send us an e-mail for pricing query
77. Do you have any design other than your collection on line ? Or you can replicate the design of my own which l found somewhere or internet ?
Yes, we have our own exclusive designs, but we do not display online. You can contact us for our exclusive designs and we our sales team will immediately respond to your query with our exclusive design sales contract. For end-user, we recommend to send us your designs you might get from the internet and we will inform you which designs we are able to replicate with some minor adjustments due to copyrights concerns.
88. How long is your normal lead tme of production ?
Our normal lead time for producing the furniture is 6 weeks after we received 40% deposit for TT or acceptance of issued LC of total order. However, to make sure about the lead time for each order, you can contact us accordingly.
99. How can l order custom furniture ?
We make custom made furniture for our buyers based on size and specifications. Please send us the sample or draft picture with detail measurement , material of your product, and we will applied into our redrawing to confirm you before quote and after all clear we will quote you our price.
1010. Can you help me manage the packing and shipping details of my order ?
Yes, Our FOB price have included packing materials. We use a single corrugated carton or carton box and foam sheet to wrap the furniture. Stickers or labels indicating country of origin and product specifications ( code, description, material, color, etc. ) are sealed on the packaging.
1111. Do you deal with plantation trees under goverment’s forestry management ?
We will never use non-plantation timber or any sources which not environmentally sustainable.  SVLK Certificed ( VLEG )
1212. Do you guarantee allof your product ?
Yes, our product is fully guaranteed and if you received damaged piece we will replace it in your next container as long as it is a manufacturing fault.
1313. How do l claim the warranty ?
Complaints due to the factory technical mistakes, can only accepted 8 weeks after the ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) by providing photographic evidence or detail of the problems. In the event of a claim, you shall first contact our customer service department. We will soonest respond by replacing the same merchandise for your coming container(s).
1414. What is your production capacity ?
5 containers of 40 ft per month.
1515. What is your minimum order ?
A full container load 20ft, no minimum pieces for each item. For samples, please email us.
1616. How can l find out the status of my order ?
When you place an order with us, we will do our best to give you an approximate production stages and arrival time frame. This may change, however, and your items may arrive sooner, or sometimes a little later, than their original estimate. We are pleased to provide you with updates of your order’s status weekly for the progress report production.
1717. Can you send me a catalog of your product with pricelist ?
Yes, we will send you upon your request by email
1818. How much is the shipping cost to my country port ? And how long of shipping time ?
We shall know your hometown destination. Please email us the details and we will respond with a shipping quote to the destination you specify
1919. How can l inspect your quality before ordering and then just before being shipping ?
Please come to our warehouse or hire an agent to check the quality of our furniture. Alternatively, you can order samples which can be shipped to you at your cost.
2020. What is your packing system ?
Our FOB price have included packing materials. We use a single corrugated carton or carton box and foam sheet to wrap the furniture. Stickers or labels indicating country of origin and product specifications ( code, description, material, color, etc. ) are sealed on the packaging.
2121. Do you use any chemicals on material in your cotainer to absorb humidity or destroy insect ?
Yes, we always fumigate the container and put absorber bags inside the container as well as silica gels inside the packed goods.
2222. Can you guarantee you have quality product and competitive price ?
Yes, it’s our commitment to sell high quality products, whilst still maintaining competitive pricing. It’s better before you may purchase from us, you do compare with other competitors.
2323. What is the best deal in purchasing ?
In order to serve your order better, it would be better if we could have your sale program of 12 months,revised every three months. This will allow us to schedule our production and have better delivery time. Also it is very important that we have your reconfirmation of order 8 weeks prior to the shipping date. Our present capacity of production is about 60 x 40′ container per year, therefore it is important for us to have your yearly program.
2424. l’m planning a trip to indonesia soon, How do l find your factory ?
Please get direction from the website for the route from your country than We can arrange to have someone pick you up at the nearest airport or your hotel and accompany you to our factory (+- 2 hours driving from airport). Or simply call us upon your arrival and we may give you directions.
2525. What is the moistured content of the furniture ?
All raw material of wood before production are kiln dried to maximal 14% moisture content to prevent any cracking, warping or splitting, and we make check of finish goods moisture content is maximal 14%
2626. Are discount available ?
Yes, we put discount for multiple purchase, please contact us for detail.
2727. Can you send me a furniture sample ?
We will be happy to send you our furniture sample, but the costs and freight fee will be charged on importer.
2828. What is the price for custome sample ?
Costs may vary for each item, depends on size of the furniture, materials and time involved. Please contact us for detail.
2929. Can l visit your warehouse before l buy ?
It will be our pleasure to welcome you and show you over our warehouse in Indonesia, please contact us for appointment and we will pick you up at nearest airport and arrange to book you a hotel upon your requirement.
3030. How many piece will fit into a 20″ /40″ container normally ?
The content is depend on the item size, we will calculate the right size of CBM packing for each item So we can calculate the right quantity can be packed into the container
3131. What is your pricing term ?
Our pricing term is FOB semarang port, Indonesia
3232. What does FOB price cover ?
Prices are always based on free on board (FOB) – Semarang (Indonesia) port of delivery by full container load (FCL) only; For less container load (LCL). Mean our price already including the packaging and delivery the product until Semarang port, mean while the container fee and the shipping fee from Semarang port Indonesia to the costumer address become the buyers responsible. And to improve delivery services for customers in our company, we have to deal only with limited number of forwarding agents for our customers to all destinations. there will be an extra charge for handling additional packing materials. We use to review all our price per semester and if there any increasing cost in raw materials and labors, the percentages of it will be added. Any increases will be anounced.
3333. Can you keep a price for period times ?
“All prices could be changed with prior notice”, But we will responsible for the Proforma already signed. The price might be change because there is something happened with our macro economic system, but we will inform clearly to our customer and it can happened not all the times. We do care about pricing and we do not want to disturb except our reason on above.
3434. Do you provide shipping insurance ?
Yes, we offer the insurance to the customer with additional cost, but depend on customer approval because sometime buyer have a deal with the certain insurance company.
3535. What is your main market ?
Our main market is in europe, america and australia
3636. How is your furniture delivered ?
We will sincerely help you arranging the shipment. We are in very good cooperation with many reliable freight forwarders and shipping lines. We can get the best rate and service on this. Or, you are allowed to nominate the forwarder or shiping lines on your sid
3737. How long will delivery take and when will it arrive ?
Please inform me your location address and we will update you with the shipment cost and time
3838. What are your regular bussiness hour ?
Our regular business hour is Sunday – Friday , at 08.00 – 17.00
3939. What should l do if l need service ?
Please contact to EMAIL, our sales will guidance you
4040. How do l do order a part for sparepart ?
Please send us your sparepart needed, we will arrange the delivery to your address, as long as it’s still in guarantee lead time we will send it free but if it was out of guarantee time, you need to pay some cost.
4141. What is the warranty on accessoris ?
It’s 100% guarantee as long as in guarantee period
4242. How safe is shopping at Joviro Indojaya ?
Joviro has been legality survey by the government, we have some certificed that certify that we are legal company You can find us easy on internet or visit to our address Our system of order and delivery has been shown that we have high commitment
4343. What if my order come late ?
We will keep you inform as weekly for the progress report so we can anticipate the delay We will update you any information related with the order, so you can take the best decision on the right time.
4444. Is there any local taxes for me to pay when l import furniture from Indonesia ?
All countries have different rules and regulations. Fortunately Indonesia is still usually classified as a developing country, So a little or nothing to pay but the best advice will come from your local customs broker or agent.
4545. What is the minimum order that we can place
In the first instance samples can be sent by sharing a container or alternatively by airfreight. Afterward, 40 feet container is our preferred minimum purchased order.
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